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All for one, under one roof

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Mount Pleasant has a new facility to help people struggling with poverty and homelessness. The Nonprofit Center provides services like food, shelter and clothing at one location.

Amanda Schafer is executive director for the Mount Pleasant Area Community Foundation. She said the center provides critical services to people who need them.

“Where can you get clothing, food, can you get access to resources, if you are experiencing homelessness, if you need things like laundry detergent and deodorant,” Schafer said. “Those kinds of things. We thought, if we could put them all under one roof, those would be easier to access the community.”

She said right now this is a temporary solution to a long-term problem

“This is not a permanent solution. We do not own the building. At this time, we are just renting the facility,” Schafer said. “And we would like to make the center something permanent, so that we can really feel comfortable and confident to move forward, and really make a difference in a span of time.”

She said the center also helps people with resumes, job training and access to health care.