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State releases list of top ten consumer complaints for 2017

Flickr user Britta Frahm

Following last year’s Equifax security breach, state officials saw a nearly 50 percent increase in consumer complaints for credit and financial concerns in 2017.

The consumer protection team said credit and financial complaints hold the top spot on the 2017 complaint list and has for more than 10 years running.

State officials said they take all complaints seriously and work to find underlying issues that may need to be resolved.

Andrea Bitely is the director of communications for the Michigan Attorney General. She said because of the Equifax complaints the state has passed legislation eliminating a fee people paid to put a freeze on their credit.  

“There’s legislation that will end a fee that we have to pay when we put a freeze on our credit. You shouldn’t have to pay when your financial information is breached by an outside company”.

Bitely said other consumer complaint categories on last year’s top ten include: landlord tenant relations, retail fraud, and complaints about healthcare service providers.