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Michigan’s treasurer will make minimum wage adjustments following January 2018 increase

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In the new year, Michigan’s minimum wage will increase. It’s the last scheduled bump under the Wage Act of 2014.  

In January Michigan’s minimum wage will increase from $8.90 to $9.25 an hour.

Jennifer Fields is the Wage and Hours Division Manager for the State of Michigan. She says under the 2014 act, state lawmakers put the responsibility of making future increases in the hands of the state treasurer.

“Starting in 2019 any increase to the minimum wage will be determined by the Michigan state treasury. It will be based on a couple factors -- the unemployment rate, and the consumer price index”.


Fields says any increase will not exceed a 3.5 percent annually. She says in a year where the unemployment rate is 8.5 percent or greater, there will not be any increase.