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Certified ‘Redevelopment Ready Communities’ establishing foundations for developers

Michigan Economic Development Corporation

Attracting new developers is an ongoing effort for many communities. Now, nearly 200 communities statewide are seeking a ‘Redevelopment Ready Communities’ certification or RRC -- that’s  basically a stamp of approval from the Michigan Economic Development Corporation that the city is development friendly.

The RRC program aims to help communities with things like public outreach plans, zoning ordinance updates, and creating redevelopment ready sites.

Adam Poll is the Planning and Development Director for the City of Alpena. He said Alpena started the certification process in 2015 and should finish early next year.  

“Basically being a certified community is a title that lets developers know that there is a certain standard that you have met. So, ultimately speaking once we get certification it will be easier for a developer to come into Alpena and know what to expect. They’ll be able to find the documents they need, and it will cut out a lot of surprises”.

Poll said many developers have not likely heard of Redevelopment Ready Communities certification by name.

“I don’t know how many developers are aware of the RRC program as a label but they certainly look for the elements that are a part of the RRC program such as those updated document standards and that type of thing”.

Poll said the RRC program not only helps cities attract new developers, it will soon be a requirement in order to apply for development grants from the state.

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