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Auto supplier receives state grants to create jobs in Flint

Flickr User Nathan Stephens

The state’s economic development board has approved incentives to bring over 400 new jobs to Flint.


The company, Lear Corp., wants to build an automotive seating assembly plant where the old Buick City factory used to stand.

Michigan is offering $10,000 for every Flint resident that is hired at the plant, and $5,000 for each non-resident..

Josh Hundt is Executive Vice President and Chief Business Development Officer with the Michigan Economic Development Corporation.

“Bringing 435 new jobs to the city of Flint and investing 29.5 million dollars,” he said. “One of the more exciting components of this is that the company will be locating to the former Buick City plant and to see this type of investment happening there at that site really shows the continuation of the growth that’s happening in the recent years in the city of Flint.”

Hundt said this could be a total of $4.35 million in incentives by 2020.

"This plan was initiated in constant conversations that we have with Lear and with other automotive companies in the state to continue to grow the automotive industry in Michigan and continue to see these types of manufacturing plants and research and development plants as well,” Hundt said.

The city is also offering the company a tax abatement, to reduce the cost of doing business in Flint.