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Michigan treasury warns of state debt payment scam

Flickr user Don Sniegowski

State officials are bring attention to what they’re calling the scam of the month. They said they’ve seen many people trying to pay state debts using federal treasury accounts.

Treasury officials said groups have been holding seminars throughout the country teaching attendees to use federal treasury routing numbers, and their social security number as the account number to pay their outstanding state debts.

Ron Leix is a spokesperson for the Michigan Department of Treasury.

“Individuals are using these federal routing numbers with their social security numbers as the checking account number. And then listing these U.S. Department of Treasury bureaus as their banks”.

Leix said there is not any identity theft claims tied to the scam, but he said people should still think twice before using their social security number for any reason.

“If somebody tried this their debt won't be paid off. And that could accumulate additional fines and fees. It's just not a valid way to pay your state tax debt or other state debt”.

Michigan treasury officials said individuals with outstanding state debt should contact them and set up a plan to resolve it.


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