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Annual study finds workplace changes have negative effects on employees

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A new study found that workers experiencing change are more likely than those who are not, to be stressed and unhappy.  


The annual study comes from the American Psychological Association.

Workplace change includes changing positions, changes in management or budget cuts.


David Ballard is with the APA.


He said one in five employees don’t trust their employer.


“Almost a third of workers said they were were cynical when it comes to changes, and said that they think managers have a hidden agenda that the motives beneath these changes are different than what they’re telling people, and that managers sometimes try to cover up the real reasons.”


Ballard said employers have to earn trust.


“What we found is that people were more likely to report higher levels of trust when the organization recognized employees for their contributions to the organization,” said Ballard. “When they involve employees in those decisions, and the changes themselves, and when the organization communicates effectively with employees.”


Ballard said the study also found political talk in the workplace can have negative outcomes in employees productivity and stress levels.


“Political talk as we all know seems to be a staple of the U.S. workplace, it was certainly happening before the election and it’s only increased since then.”