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Marching Chips to perform at Ford Field

The Marching Chips from Central Michigan University are Detroit-bound.

CMU’s marching band will perform for the NFL Monday for the first time in more than 30 years.

The Marching Chips will play at halftime when the Lions take on the New York Jets .

Ruhl Cook is a squad leader for the band’s trumpet section. He said this experience will be a good way to start his senior year at CMU.


Credit Xavier Mendoza | WCMU

“It’s gonna be a whole new experience. We went there a couple years ago during a bowl game but I didn’t get go to that one,” he said. “But I’m super excited to go this year and actually be able to play during half time.”

Dr. Jim Batcheller is the director of the band. He said the Lions organization has been helpful with the setup.


Credit Xavier Mendoza | WCMU

“The Lions organization contacted us in the Spring and proposed that we come down and play half time during the season opener,” he said. “It worked well with our schedule and checked with student leadership if it’s something they were excited about, and they are, so off we go.”  


Alexis Johnson is the senior band manager.

“It’s really interesting for me because I was in the band for four years. So it’s watching all of this hard work they’ve put on in the practice field and seeing them put it to a show in front of tons and tons of their biggest fans.”  

Johnson says the band will start their college season with the season opener CMU tomorrow afternoon followed with their performance with the Lions Monday.


Credit Xavier Mendoza | WCMU