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Oscar-nominated films highlight Central Michigan Film Fest

flickr user: kenneth Lu

The 2018 Central Michigan International Film Festival kicks off tonight in Mount Pleasant. The features both Michigan-produced fare and Oscar-nominated films.

Doctor Patty Williamson an instructor at CMU and this year’s festival director. She says that in this day-and-age of streaming media on laptops and smart phones, film festivals like this one give attendees the opportunity to have a different experience.

"I think with the film festival you get to experience film in its pure art form. You get to see on the big screen in the theater, and it something you do with groups of people. It’s a cultural event. Film is art. And it’s another art form that we’re able to bring to Mt. pleasant and the surrounding area so I think it’s a different experience than watching at home on your phone."

Selections featured this year include critically-acclaimed films like “Darkest Hour” the story of Winston Churchill in World War II and “I, Tonya,” a mockumentary featuring the scandal involving Tonya Harding in the 1994 Winter Olympic Games. 

The Film Festival runs through Sunday, February 18 in Mount Pleasant. Information is at our website, and at