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Osceola County Animal Shelter raises money through calendar campaign

Flickr user Leo Rodman

Who can resist pictures of homeless cats and dogs?

Osceola County Animal Control said it’s seen in increase in adoptions since a local photographer began taking pictures of shelter pets and posting them on Facebook. Now, the shelter is turning the photos into a calendar.

Twice a month a local photographer, Jayne Richmond volunteers her time and talent to help homeless cats and dogs find new homes in Osceola County.

Last year she created calendars featuring many of the animals throughout the year and sold them as a fundraiser. Michelle Kuz is the shelter director. She explains

“It goes to offset the cost of any surgeries or and animals that come into our care that may require any medical attention. We’re running on a limited budget here at the shelter. So, we’re always grateful for the donations, and it’s used specifically for the treatment of any animals”.

Kuz said last year calendar sales generated several hundred dollars to help animals.