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Program to turn Flint water bottles into clothing

Flickr User Tony Webster

What seems like trash in Flint can now be turned into stylish clothing.

According to MLive artist Mel Chin and fashion designer Tracy Reese have teamed up to create the Flint Fit program. The program allows used water bottles from Flint to be turned into clothing.

Not only can this project help rid Flint of the water bottles but the clothing will also be sewn by locals.

We spoke with seamstress Carol Weber and she has a positive outlook.

“Actually it's been a pretty exciting of something that can be tangibly done with the water bottles that are all over the place and the fact that they want to use water bottles from Flint specifically that's a pretty powerful statement they wanna make.”

Shes said the designers approached her to collaborate and wanted to help with the water crises.

“They specifically wanted to do something for the city of Flint, and felt that as designers this is something the could do. So they're coming to us because they want to assist flint in coming out of this tragedy.”

Weber sais Flint citizens are welcome to donate at her church St Luke N.E.W Life center Monday through Friday 9 to 4.

According to MLive there are several other places to donate as well, that can be found HERE.