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State Police detective recognized for identifying missing persons

Flickr user Scott Maxwell

A Michigan State Police detective who launched a program to solve missing persons cases is now being internationally recognized for her forensics work.

The International Association of Chiefs of Police recognize 40 individuals each year under the age of 40 for their commitment to the profession of law enforcement.

Detective Sergeant Sarah Krebs of the Michigan State Police said she’s being acknowledged for founding “Missing in Michigan”.

“It was founded in 2011 as an annual missing persons day in Michigan.  It was meant to bring the families of missing persons together with law enforcement to not only raise awareness but to kind of have a memorial day for those who aren't here any more”.

Krebs said she is honored to receive the award and to represent the success of women in law enforcement.

“We’re now seeing women as police chiefs. So, it’s really making me proud to see that’s obtainable now. Because I know when I first started in law enforcement there were still people that don't think women have a place in law enforcement, and that's really not true. I think we bring a lot to the force”.