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‘Native Voices’ traveling exhibit coming to Alpena County

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A national traveling museum exhibit featuring the struggles faced by Native American tribes is coming to Alpena county.

The exhibit, ‘Native Voices’ explores the interconnectedness of stories from the past and present to examine the health of native communities today.

Jessica Luther is the Development Coordinator at the Alpena County Public Library. She said the exhibit features many native individuals’ reflections of events in the 19th and 20th century that forever changed the native culture.

“There will be intergenerational views of native health including native elders, woman, and youth. The work that is currently being done  it is I think something that even if it’s not Michigan specific I think is reflective of the overall condition of native health and wellness”.

Luther said by showcasing the impact of things like federal legislation, and epidemics, visitors can learn about the challenges Native Americans have faced and continue to face today.  

“We are doing some auxiliary programming with the Ziibiwing Center based out of Mount Pleasant. They are going to be coming up and doing a medicine wheel presentation on October 12th and then they’ll be doing a dance program on the 18th”.

Luther said Native Voices will be on exhibit for six weeks beginning October 12th.


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