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Public arts projects coming to Midland this summer

Midland Area Community Foundation


Midland is bringing several public art projects to the community this summer.

The art projects are meant to bring the people of Midland together and spark a conversation about the role of art in the community.

Sharon Mortensen is the President and CEO at the Midland Area Community Foundation. She said two of the sculptures are lit up at night and have seating areas to act as a meeting place for people.

“We thought it would get the conversation started too because one of the things that we hope we’ll get from this, are people weighing in saying okay I think I’d like to see this come to our community or I’d like this to be something permanent, you know whatever it may be,” she said.

Mortensen said the other art project is meant to be more fun.

“We are having three interactive word sculptures made that spell ART, BUILDS, MIDLAND, each missing one letter, the T in ART and the I in BUILDS and the I in MIDLAND. So people have to fill in that letter, and so it’s meant to get people to interact.”

She said the pieces will be placed strategically around Midland to act as landmarks within the community.