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Traverse City Art Gallery “Channeling Picasso”

Flickr user Habler Lopez
Picassso's "Women with Green Hat," painted in 1939

The Michigan Artist Gallery in downtown Traverse City  is hosting a special tribute to Picasso which displays more than 40 artist interpretations of the artist’s painting “Woman with Green Hat.”

Sue Ann Round is the gallery owner. She said this is a good outreach to to include all community members.

“We give them a ballot as soon as they come in and they can vote for their favorite 3 of the 47 pieces, and that draws them in, in a different way.But it really engages them and people have fun with it.”

Round said the exhibit draws people in even if they aren’t normally interested in art. She said this exhibit provides a “teaching moment.”

“People took every angle on it, this was a tumultuous time when he did this painting. It was 1939, world war 2 was going to break out. His model name was Dora Marr, so a lot of artist did something about Dora Marr, and some people made it  current to today’s time.”

Round said the exhibit will be on display until May 31.