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Gaylord celebrates city’s centennial with activities and time capsule

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Anne Gentry
Downtown Alpena

It’s been less than a week since a tornado hit Gaylord, and residents are getting ready to celebrate the community’s centennial. On Saturday community leaders are hoping to unify people with music, art, and a time capsule.

Lisa Marie Tobin, Director of the Gaylord Council for the Arts, said despite a tornado hitting the town, Gaylord is enthusiastic to celebrate community.

“We had discussions on whether or not we should even move forward with this and light of the past weekend's events,” Tobin said. “However, after speaking with all of the organizations involved, including the city of Gaylord, we really feel like this is something that is needed. Because it is celebrating community. And if ever, there was a time to celebrate our community, it is definitely now.”

Tobin said the event is growing each day due to the nationwide attention Gaylord has received since the tornado.

“The Gaylord community is really rooted in collaborative initiatives, they really come together [and] unify in times of need,” Tobin said. “And so it really is about celebrating who we are as a community in who we represent, and the values that we hold within that community.”

The Strolling into Summer event occurs between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. on Saturday.

(Michael Gonzalez is part of the Michigan News Group Internship)

Michael Gonzalez is a fourth year at Central Michigan that majors in journalism. He is from Pinckney, Michigan, will be an intern for WCMU and the Alpena News this summer.