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Great Lakes water levels are returning to normal


Water levels are still above average but meteorologists said the Great Lakes basin hasn't broken any records this year, and water levels are lower compared to last year.

Michael Boguth is a meteorologist with the National Weather Service office in Gaylord.

“The last few weeks are holding about where they have been since they fell initially in the spring and early summer. You know compared to last year, especially with Michigan-Huron you know that’s almost just over a foot below where they were on today’s date last year.”

He said communities along the Great Lakes shoreline will experience less erosion this fall due to lower water levels.

“In Huron and Superior are well over a foot above where they should be on the long term average. Fortunately, they’re less than they have been last year and with water levels a little bit lower you won’t get that extreme erosion. ”

Boguth said at least for now, the Great Lakes basin is slowly returning to where it should be. He says water levels are slowly returning to normal because of a lack of snowfall and rain this past winter and spring.

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