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The Imam in Cleveland

Imam Fawaz Damra was one of Cleveland's most respected religious leaders, building Ohio's largest mosque for a congregation of 5,000. But revelations about Damra's alleged ties to Islamic radical causes have raised doubts about him in the community. NPR's Juan Williams reports for Morning Edition. (8:22) (Please note the following correction to this report aired on Morning Edition on Jan. 30, 2002: "The leader of the Islamic Center of Greater Cleveland, Imam Fawaz Damra, wrote to clarify a story about him. Senior Correspondent Juan Williams indicated that Damra thought the Jewish community gave the media a videotape of Damra making anti-Semitic remarks. Damra writes that his criticism was not of the Jewish community overall, but rather of the Jewish Defense League. Damra also writes that he did not work closely with one of his critics in the story, Reverend Ken Chalker of the United Methodist Church. The story said that he had.").

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