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Tourism in the Upper Peninsula is expected to be very good this spring and summer.

Nick Westendorp

Leelanau County's Fishtown lays low, where the Leland River meets Lake Michigan. The town has a history of water damage, in many years runoff flows down into buildings, and every so often they have to worry about high water levels. Last year the high water cycle on the lake and the river began to cause flooding in many of the town’s historic buildings. 2020 has been an uphill battle for Fishtown, first having to deal with water levels and then COVID-19.

Traverse City will be looking at the area's relationship with alcohol consumption in a new study.

The study will examine both local residents and tourists, local officials said the goal is to better understand the drinking culture within the surrounding communities.

Petoskey Area Visitors Bureau / Facebook

The Petoskey Area Visitors Bureau said the summer travel season went better than the early projections at the start of the pandemic.


Northern Michigan has experienced the COVID-19 crisis differently than lower parts of the state. However, tourist communities approach another time of uncertainty as the weather begins to change.

Northwest Michigan trail use increases

May 28, 2020
Anna Hesser | / Flickr

Northwest Michigan trail systems saw a busy weekend over Memorial Day, and that’s expected to continue.