Sanford Lake

Five months after a devastating flood destroyed much of the village of Sanford some residents say they’re bouncing back - others say they’re just doing their best to prepare for winter.

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People living on lakes drained by the failures of two Mid-Michigan dams in May could be asked to pay hundreds and possibly thousands of dollars a year in annual assessments to rebuild.

The Four Lakes Task Force was in the process of buying the series of four dams when the Edenville and Sanford dams were overwhelmed after days of heavy rain.

Ben Thorp

Nearly two months after a dam break and devastating flood buried the village of Sanford in water and mud, residents are doing their best to rebuild.

Mid-Michigan residents are beginning to take stock of the damage wrought by historic floods.    

Fishing Has No Boundaries

Fishing -- it’s an activity many Michiganders take for granted.  But for some, picking up a pole and heading to the water simply is not feasible… often, because of a physical disability.

One organization’s mission is to make sure everybody who wants to fish can actually head out on the water and catch a big one.