News Roundup

A mid-Michigan family say they want the staff member who cut their daughter's hair suspended, and for the school to do more to identify and fight racial bias in education. This is your WCMU news roundup for April 19.



Michigan extends and expands mask requirements, and the former owner of failed Midland county dams is fined $15-million. This is your news roundup for April 16.  

At a press conference today, Governor Whitmer promoted vaccines and treatments, compliance over new rules. This is your news  roundup from WCMU.  

The Governor says she is not going to impose new restrictions to combat COVID, instead she is asking for a two week pause on in-person high school, youth sports, and indoor dining.  This is your WCMU news roundup.  

Michigan health officials have seen nearly 400 COVID outbreaks tied to youth sports and childcare. Now some say they're hoping indoor and contact sport seasons end before cases climb too high. This is yournews roundup for Wednesday, April 7.