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House investigators are scheduled Monday to hear from Fiona Hill, the former White House adviser on Russia, who is expected to appear in private and face questions as part of Democrats' impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump.

Hill, 53, a British-born American foreign affairs expert, resigned as Trump's top Russia analyst just days before the president's controversial July 25 call with Volodymyr Zelensky, the president of Ukraine, an exchange that sparked the impeachment inquiry now consuming three House committees.

On Monday in the nation's capital, there is no Columbus Day. The D.C. Council voted to replace it with Indigenous Peoples' Day in a temporary move that it hopes to make permanent. Several other places across the United States have also made the switch in a growing movement to end the celebration of the Italian explorer in favor of honoring Indigenous communities and their resiliency in the face of violence by European explorers like Christopher Columbus.

Nearly half of all children who develop Type 1 diabetes don't know they have the disease until they end up in a coma in the hospital.

Researchers in Virginia have set out to see if a genetic test for Type 1 diabetes can eliminate many of those emergencies.

"The risk of Type 1 diabetes is about half genetic and half unknown," says Stephen Rich, director of the Center for Public Health Genomics at the University of Virginia. His team developed a test that can identify people who carry that genetic susceptibility.

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And joining me now is Ambassador Susan Rice. She served as National Security adviser in the Obama administration advising the president on Syria policy. She's also been ambassador to the United Nations.

Ambassador Rice, welcome.

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