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Mackinac Bridge Authority officials say there’s been an uptick in traffic approaching the end of the month.



Mackinac Bridge will no longer accept cash for tolls

Mar 19, 2020
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Be prepared to use plastic or a pass if you want to cross the Mighty Mac this weekend.

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The American flag flies over the Mackinac Bridge six days every year. The flag is thirty feet tall and sixty feet long and officials say it takes an entire crew of people to raise Old Glory. In the past, the bridge would shut down so the flag could be raised.

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Pieces of the Mackinac Bridge could be yours. Officials said over the next few weeks original pieces of the “Mighty Mac” will be auctioned.


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Members of the Mackinac Bridge Authority say they were surprised to see they were mentioned in a deal last week between Governor Snyder and Enbridge Energy.