Whitmer says she’d sign LGBTQ rights bill

15 hours ago
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Governor Gretchen Whitmer joined LGBTQ rights leaders on Monday to call on the Legislature to send her a bill expand Michigan’s civil rights law.

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Former Michigan House Speaker Lee Chatfield is out as the CEO of a Kalamazoo-area economic development organization. The former Republican leader quit amid controversy over his opposition to adding LGBTQ protections to the state civil rights law.

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A petition drive that seeks to amend the state civil rights law to add anti-discrimination protection for LGBTQ people has turned in around 483 thousand signatures.


An advocacy group is suing the state for more time to gather signatures for its ballot initiative to add LGBTQ protections to Michigan civil rights law.


Michigan contineus to rank among the bottom states for LGBTQ protections, according to a new report.