Lee Chatfield

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Former Michigan House Speaker Lee Chatfield is out as the CEO of a Kalamazoo-area economic development organization. The former Republican leader quit amid controversy over his opposition to adding LGBTQ protections to the state civil rights law.

Kalamazoo cuts ties to Southwest Michigan First

Feb 16, 2021
Courtesy City of Kalamazoo Twitter

Kalamazoo is cutting its ties to Southwest Michigan First. City commissioners pulled out of the regional economic development agency Monday night. That's after it picked former State House speaker Lee Chatfield as its new CEO. Commissioner Erin Knott says Chatfield - a Republican - isn't the kind of person the city wants or needs:

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A Republican State Representative has been disciplined for making threatening comments. Gary Eisen is supporting a group looking to stop Michigan’s electoral college vote.

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Ingham County’s top health official is standing by her efforts to encourage compliance with COVID-19 safety rules at the capitol building in Lansing.

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The Legislature’s Republican leaders led a delegation of GOP lawmakers to meet today (FRI) to meet with President Donald Trump.