Governor Gretchen Whitmer


Governor Gretchen Whitmer and state health officials say they are very concerned about a new variant of COVID-19 that’s been found in Michigan.


6 hours ago

High school athletes and their parents continue to advocate for opening up sports. The group ‘Let Them Play’ has hired a law firm to explore suing the state in order to open up sports like basketball.

COVID-19 Vaccine Shortage

7 hours ago

It may take until next year for Michigan health officials to reach their goal of inoculating three-quarters of residents over the age of 15 against COVID-19, unless more doses of vaccine are made available. 

Whitmer urges patience after COVID-19 vaccine delays

Jan 22, 2021

The rollout of vaccines in Michigan has been hampered by supply issues. The Trump Administration had initially promised 300-thousand shots per week, but the state is receiving only 60-thousand doses per week.

The new Biden Administration has invoked the Defense Production Act in an attempt to ramp up supply and improve distribution.

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Beginning February 1, indoor dining can resume in Michigan, but can only reopen at 25% capacity with up to 100 people, Governor Gretchen Whitmer announced in a press conference Friday. Concessions at casinos, movie theaters and stadiums, as well as personal services requiring mask removal will be able to resume as well.