Five months after a devastating flood destroyed much of the village of Sanford some residents say they’re bouncing back - others say they’re just doing their best to prepare for winter.

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Next week, the state unemployment agency should start distributing the first 300 dollars in additional weekly aid to jobless Michiganders. The money is part of additional federal COVID-19 relief.

For Mid Michigan flood victims hoping to receive assistance from the Federal Emergency Management Agency. FEMA is opening a physical site Tuesday to  drop off documents.

Ben Thorp

Nearly two months after a dam break and devastating flood buried the village of Sanford in water and mud, residents are doing their best to rebuild.

Help still needed for flood-damaged Houghton County

Jul 17, 2018
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Officials are hoping to get help from the federal government, as cleanup continues in Houghton County.

County Administrator Eric Forsberg says with total damage estimated at $100 million, he’s hoping FEMA will declare the region a disaster area and send money. But Forsberg says the county likely won’t get as much as it really needs.

“FEMA will only fund 75% of that, and when they came in they looked at all the entities’ estimates of damage assessment and they did their best to try and knock that down.”