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College students who block protesters or speakers from speaking on public colleges and  universities would be penalized under a bill now in the state Senate.


The “Campus Free Speech Act” would penalize people who infringe on protester’s, speaker’s, student’s and professor's first amendment rights. The rules would apply to the state’s public universities and community colleges.
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A new study on the impact corporate funding on public trust in research may have broad implications for the future of research funding.

The study, based at Michigan State University, found that corporate backing of research could completely undermine the perceived credibility of that research, particularly in research looking at health risks.

John Besley is the lead author on the study. He said the study focused on research where people perceive a greater risk.

Wendy Robinson wants to make one thing very clear.

As the long-serving superintendent of Fort Wayne public schools, Indiana's largest district, she is not afraid of competition from private schools.

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FBI Director James Comey is out. But the investigations into Russian meddling continue.


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