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Updated June 22, 2021 at 4:25 PM ET

The dangerous Delta variant of the coronavirus is spreading so quickly in the United States that it's likely the mutant strain will become predominant in the nation within weeks, according to federal health officials and a new analysis.

Central Michigan University

Central Michigan University said Monday that it will continue requiring masks in some situations on campus, even as the state government announced plans to lift that requirement for everyone starting Tuesday.

John Nephew thought he had a winner with a new tabletop game called Dice Miner. Importing the games from China turned out to be its own roll of the dice.

Nephew, founder of Atlas Games in Duluth, Minn., ordered a 40-foot cargo container full of games from Shanghai in December, anticipating delivery in about six weeks.

University of Minnesota Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy

Even people who think they’ve recovered from COVID-19 can have trouble with basic physical tasks for months after their infection, according to early results from a study at Central Michigan University.

Ksenia Ustanova, a professor in CMU’s physical therapy department, observes study participants as they stand on a platform that measures their center of gravity. People who are growing fatigued start swaying even as they try to stand still, Ustanova said, and people recovering from COVID-19 are often surprised at how quickly they tire.