Central Michigan University

Brett Dahlberg / WCMU News

Picture the typical art gallery wall color – that off-white hue so bland you can walk through an entire museum and never think about what it actually looks like.

That’s usually the color of the interior of Central Michigan University’s art gallery, too. But not this week.

Central Michigan University

As early as 2016, an internship supervisor at Central Michigan University heard a report of inappropriate behavior by the owner of a Lansing firm where CMU had an internship program and which employed recent CMU graduates, according to the woman who made that initial report.

Brett Dahlberg / WCMU News

Central Michigan University President Bob Davies sat for an interview with WCMU News reporter Brett Dahlberg on Friday.

Bob, thanks for taking the time to talk with me. The first thing that I want to ask you about is the way that the university has responded to the pandemic. I wonder if you could lay out for me how you feel like the university’s done, and maybe a few pieces of evidence or data points for why you feel that way.

Vanguard Public Affairs

Central Michigan University has placed two employees on administrative leave over concerns that they knew about sexual harassment alleged to have been directed at CMU students interning at a consulting firm in Lansing.

Theodore Roethke Home and Museum

The home of Saginaw-born poet Theodore Roethke is a historical site and museum honoring the writer.  The non-profit Friends of Roethke launch a spring reader’s series this evening, Roethke’s Garden-Bringing Poets Together.  Curator Anne Ransford and poet Robert Fanning spoke with Mosaic host David Nicholas