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Author Adam Minter remembers two periods of grief after his mother died in 2015: the intense sadness of her death, followed by the challenge of sorting through what he calls "the material legacy of her life."

Over the course of a year, Minter and his sister worked through their mother's possessions until only her beloved china was left. Neither one of them wanted to take the china — but neither could bear to throw it out. Instead, they decided to donate it.

Robyn Crawford and Whitney Houston met as teenagers. Crawford was an athlete, Houston an aspiring singer.

And they became best friends, and eventually lovers, although Houston broke off their romance after two years.

Their friendship and the working relationship lasted for 20.

Alison Chandler

The holiday season is here again and with it the stress of finding the perfect gift.

This year, Dr. Sue Ann Martin has created a list of the best children's books for holiday giving - organized by age group, to help you find the perfect book for the child in your life.


Let's Go Back: Aladdin Homes

Dec 4, 2019

The Clarke Historical Library on the campus of Central Michigan University is home to thousands of artifacts - papers from Michigan's first settlers, historic photographs of the Soo locks, and even some rare and historically significant first edition books.

The story of the Lady Franklin Bay Expedition, which would eventually be known as the Greely Expedition, is important in terms of the areas it helped map, the wealth of scientific observations made, and the fact that the group reached the Farthest North — a record that had belonged to the British for three centuries.