Absentee Voting

Errors appear to be a threat for absentee voting

16 hours ago
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President Trump and many of his supporters have called into question the validity of voting by mail. But documented instances of voting fraud are few and far between. That’s why rather than fraud absentee voters should be focused on following the rules.

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Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson says more than three million Michigan voters have requested and received absentee ballots, as of two weeks before Election Day.

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Michigan election officials are bracing for some big challenges on November 3rd., while a final vote count may take several days.

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There is a swirl of litigation already surrounding the November election and absentee ballots. Two former Republican secretaries of state have added their names to the mix with a lawsuit filed with the US District Court in Grand Rapids. Terri Lynn Land and Ruth Johnson want a judge to set a hard deadline of 8 o’clock election night for absentee ballots to arrive with local clerks, or else they cannot be counted.

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Absentee ballots were put in the mail to people who requested them. Registered voters can also stop by clerks’ offices to fill out their ballots.