2020 Census

Detroit Census Challenge

16 hours ago
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Detroit’s Census count is being challenged by local officials because they claim the federal government hindered the effort.

Courtesy 2020census.gov

Field workers in Michigan have until October 31 to finish counting the state’s population for the 2020 census. 

They’re concerned about reaching vulnerable populations in time.

Census workers now going door-to-door

Sep 18, 2020
Courtesy census.gov

The U.S. Census Bureau says it has about 15-hundred workers going door-to-door in Detroit, trying to reach those who have not yet responded online, by phone or by mail.

Census workers are going door to door in some areas of MI

Aug 11, 2020

Census workers are knocking on doors at households that have not responded to the 2020 census. They're starting in Lansing and Oakland County.

2020 Census impacted by Coronavirus

Mar 20, 2020
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The spreading coronavirus has suspended Census field operations.