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The Children's Bookshelf: Mother Goose Treasury: A Timeless Collection of Favorite Nursery Rhymes - June 30, 2024

Mother Goose Treasury--- A Timeless Collection of Favorite Nursery Rhymes illustrated with great care and imagination and probably a lot of fun by Priscilla Lamont is perfectly designed for very young children. First, the size of the book itself will fit easily on the lap of moms, dads, and grandparents ----- right next to the small child. The pages from beginning to end are sturdy enough for a young child’s touch and strong enough to allow little hands to move across the attractively smooth pages.

There are 187 Mother Goose Poems in this book that tell wonderful stories such as There Was an Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe. Children will also enjoy the lively things that happen when Jack and Jill go up that hill and the Itsy Bitsy Spider climbs up a waterspout!

This charming book also includes an Index of First Lines that are alphabetically listed and will serve moms and dads when trying to find that perfect rhyme from their own childhood to share with their little one. The fun-filled and gorgeously drawn illustrations by Priscilla Lamont will give the child a love for sound and picture.

Mother Goose Treasury with its attractive and busy sea blue cover showing the cow that jumped over the moon and the dish that ran away with the spoon will introduce young children, baby to 3 years of age, to the visual, auditory, and tactile fun found in this book. (Cottage Door Press) 2018 and again in 2022.

The Children’s Bookshelf is a production of WCMU. Links to the podcast and the Activity Questions can be found at Children’s Bookshelf dot org.

Activity Questions for Mother Goose Treasury: A Timeless Collection of Favorite Nursery Rhymes

For one-year- old children: Ask the child which of these characters they like the best: Old Mother Hubbard, Humpty Dumpty, Five Little Monkeys, Mary Had a Little Lamb or Jack and Jill?  Moms and dads should read these five rhymes to their small children once again before they are asked to react.

For children two and three years of age: The Farmer in the Dell has a lot of action and fun! Ask your child to draw a picture of this rhyme. Then ask your child what they would be doing, eating, and saying if they were in this picture.


Sue Ann Martin is professor emerita of Communication and Dramatic Arts and the founding and past Dean of the College of Communication and Fine Arts at Central Michigan University, Mt. Pleasant, Michigan. She first became interested in children’s literature when she wrote her PhD thesis on the oral characteristics of the Caldecott Award-winning children’s books. Her PhD is in Speech and Interpretation with a cognate in Early Childhood Education. She went on to review children’s books for the Detroit Free Press, write three popular resource books for teachers regarding children’s books and the creative process. She also reviewed newly-published books for Arts Almanac specials on WCMU Public Radio. Her 2002 children’s books special for WCMU won a Merit Award in Special Interest Programming from the Michigan Association of Broadcasters.