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The Children's Bookshelf: Ten Little Rabbits - January 28, 2024

 Ten Little Rabbits is written and illustrated by the talented Maurice Sendak, who during his career sold 50 million copies of his books worldwide and won the 1964 Caldecott Medal for Where the Wild Things Are. Ten Little Rabbits brings his talent to a new generation of children.

This counting book for readers 4-8 years of age is full of fun and good times as a magician by the name of Mino attempts to bring forth ten rabbits from his hat for all to see. After he bows to the audience, Mino closes his eyes, waves his wand and a yellow rabbit jumps out of his hat. Then he smiles as a blue rabbit appears. As this continues the rabbits become more and more wild as they jump out, around and on poor Mino. By the eighth, ninth and tenth rabbit-- Mino, who is on the ground, is surrounded by rabbits.

The fun here for children is watching how Mino gets all ten rabbits back into his hat as this counting book now goes from ten back to one! When the last bunny has safely disappeared, the tired magician waves his wand, tips his hat, smiles, and goes home-----satisfied that he has put on a very good show.

Ten Little Rabbits, written and illustrated by Maurice Sendak, is a gift to mothers, dads, teachers and even grandparents who read Sendak’s books to their grandchildren once upon a time (HarperCollins Children’s Books) 2024.

The Children’s Bookshelf is a production of WCMU. Links to the podcast and the Activity Questions can be found at Children’s Bookshelf dot org.

Activity Questions for Ten Little Rabbits

Younger readers: Looking carefully at each drawing, locate the following things: Find a white rabbit sitting on a yellow rabbit. Find a blue rabbit running away. Find the magician smiling. Find the magician looking very unhappy. Find two rabbits playing together on top of the magician’s head. Find the magician yawning with boredom. Turn to the final page in this story. Where do you think the magician is going? The letter “M” appears in many pages of this book. What does this letter stand for?

Older readers: Look though this counting book once again. What is your favorite illustration in this book? Why? Then draw a picture of your favorite illustration and give it a name-----Have fun with facial expressions.

Judy Wagley is WCMU’s midday host, and is the producer of The Children’s Bookshelf from From the Ground Up! She guides listeners through their weekdays from 9am to 3pm.