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Contain it!

Judy Wagley
Dave Breedlove takes care of many plants in containers at Pleasant Thyme Herb Farm in Mount Pleasant.

Dave Breedlove, owns and operates Pleasant Thyme Herb Farm in Mount Pleasant. Every spring, he fills hundreds of containers with gorgeous plants! He tells us that we do not need a lot of space to enjoy an abundant garden—containers are a great solution for any space or growing condition—and for expressing our creativity.

He advises to choose a container that is large enough to accommodate your plants as the grow to full size; to be aware of their growth habits and light requirements. He recommends purchasing a soil mix that provides good drainage, and watering plants regularly at the soil line. Also, a balanced fertilizer is necessary, because the plant is confined in the container and cannot reach out for nutrients.

Dave encourages us to get creative with containers—that anything that can hold soil and a plant is suitable—but be sure there are drainage holes in each container. He also encourages “mixing and matching” annual and perennial flowers with vegetables and herbs, keeping in mind each plant’s sun and water requirements.

You don’t need a big yard—all you need is your imagination—and some containers. Let’s get growing!

Judy Wagley is WCMU's midday host, and is the producer of <b><a href="">The Children's Bookshelf</a></b> and <b><a href="">From the Ground Up!</a></b> She guides listeners through their weekdays from 9am to 3pm.<br/>