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Let's Plant a Tree!

Judy Wagley
Brent Schultz is the manager at North Star Gardens in Gaylord

Following these steps will give your precious new tree a good start so that it can provide years of shade, flowers, fruit and beauty

“I think that I shall never see a poem as lovely as a—TREE…

The best time for planting a tree—is right now!

Brent Schultz is manager of North Star Gardens in Gaylord. He tells us how to choose a tree, then takes us step by step through the tree-planting process.

We will start by digging a hole twice as big as the tree root ball, then filling it with native soil along with additional organic material. Backfill the hole and be sure to tamp it down to remove any pockets of air. Stake the small tree and “Water, water, water!”

Brent also explains the important step of properly mulching a tree. DO NOT bank up the mulch around the tree trunk, DO create a ring of mulch around the tree that begins a few inches away from it.

Take care of your tree—and it will take care of you!

Judy Wagley is WCMU’s midday host, and is the producer of The Children’s Bookshelf from From the Ground Up! She guides listeners through their weekdays from 9am to 3pm.