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Central Stage: Juletide - December 3, 2021

Today's "Juletide" program includes performances by the CMU Chamber Singers, Concert Choir, Men's Choir and Women's Chorus, all under the direction of Dr. Amon Eady, director of Choral Studies at CMU, also the Christ Central Choir, and the Oceania Saxophone quartet. The choirs were accompanied by Zhao Wang and Vini Costa, with assistance from musicians from the CMU school of music, as well as guest harpist, Sylvia Norris.

During "Juletide," the audience is asked to participate in sing-alongs throughout, and we invite you to join in too!

"Juletide" is presented "collage-style," without interruption, one selection leads to the next without applause. The audience does respond enthusiastically at the conclusion of the program!