The Set List

Fridays 7pm-9pm

'The Set List' offers an eclectic mix of music, built around various themes. No two shows are the same. Host Rick Westover also often features Michigan musicians, new indie darlings, as well as classic throw-back tracks.

Ways to Connect

Your sound discovery this week brought to you by artists such as Donovan Woods, Gringo Star, Death By Unga Bunga, Joseph and The Future Babes.  Michigan music includes Oliver Houston, The Lake Effects, Abby Ray and Boudoir Noir.



This week’s sound discovery included music from Allah-Las, AJJ, Bon Iver, Dreamers and more!  Michigan music on the way from Streaking In Tongues, Norty, Fawnn, Gosh Pith, and The Young Church Band!

This week’s sound discovery included artists such as Nate J., All We Are, the Violent Femmes and Secret Colours.  Michigan music included The Crane Wives and Flint Eastwood.



Discover the sounds of White Lies, Soko, and The Melodic. Listen for looks back with The Beatles and Echo & The Bunnymen. And we heard Michigan connections through Jes Kramer, Sufjan Stevens, Pity Sex, Lights & Caves, The Reverb Junkie, and Shapes & Colors.



Discover the sounds of Tigers Jaw, Landlady, Oy, and Donovan Blanc. Michigan music on the way from May Erlewine, The Go Rounds, The Frost, Jack White, and Millions of Brazilians.