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Every day on 'Mosaic,' David Nicholas presents a wide range of music, as well as conversations about the arts and culture from across central and northern Michigan. 

Chandos Records

Conductor James Blachly discovered a work completed in 1930 by Ethel Smyth.  Ninety years later, he has led the work to bringing the piece “The Prison” to its world premier recording.  The performance won the Grammy Award this year for Best Solo Vocal Performance for the two soloists, Sarah Brailey and Dashon Burton.  David Nicholas spoke with James Blachly about the project.

Central Michigan University’s Department of English will present their final event for the current season of the Meijer Visiting Writers Series. Poet Tommye Blount will be offering a live reading Thursday, March 4, at 7pm.  His first book of poety, "Fantasia for the Man in Blue" was a National Book Award finalist in 2020. Dr. Robert Fanning coordinates the series for CMU.  Fanning and Blount spoke with Mosaic host David Nicholas about the event and the experience creating and presenting art in the time of Covid-19.

CMU Professor Will Anderson spoke with David Nicholas during Mosaic about audio drama projects from CMU’s School of Broadcast and Cinematic Arts.

Central Michigan University has launched the state’s first Dance Studies Major program.  Heather Trommer-Beardslee from the Department of Theatre and Dance spoke with Mosaic host David Nicholas.