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Just Talk is a locally produced discussion program that addresses issues of the day. We open up a space for a thoughtful discussion and consider how national events leave their fingerprints on Michigan’s communities. We invite your questions and comments.

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Kate Ter Harr / https://flic.kr/p/8vHecm

Over the past four years one Michigan industry has been on the rise: hops. The state went from having roughly 300 acres to over one thousand.

The explosion of hops in the state is largely due to another growing industry in the state: craft beer. Hops are one of the four main ingredients to beer which includes yeast, grain, and water.

Rob Sirrine is with MSU Extension. He says Michigan now ranks fourth in the nation for hop production.

Sebastien Wiertz / https://flic.kr/p/7Xhgdf

In our day-to-day probably most of us don’t put much thought to our state documentation: whether that’s birth certificates or driver's licenses.

But if you’re trans these documents can be a big deal, especially when your ID no longer matches who you are.

Leelanau Cheese Company

Michigan is home to a rapidly expanding beer scene, a history of pasties, and also: world award winning cheese.

The Leelanau Cheese company first started making cheese in 1995. The company is a small shop with just a handful of employees owned by a husband a wife team: Anne and John Hoyt. Anne, as you're about to hear, is French.

“We moved to Blackstar Farms in 2000, we bought this property four years ago exactly and we moved in three years ago.”