The Children's Bookshelf

The Children’s Bookshelf from WCMU Public Radio showcases new children’s book titles meant to engage young readers in the joy of story found in both the written word and illustrations. The target audience includes teachers, librarians, parents and grandparents as part of their role to foster the love of reading.  Each of the two minute reviews have accompanying study questions and activities and are available as podcasts.  

Children's Bookshelf host Dr. Sue Ann Martin.

The series host and reviewer is Dr. Sue Ann Martin, Professor Emerita of Communication and Dramatic Arts in the College of Communication and Fine Arts, at Central Michigan University.

Our theme music for The Children’s Bookshelf is the polka from Denes Agay’s “Five Easy Dances”, performed by the Powers Woodwind Quintet, in residence at Central Michigan University’s School of Music. It is taken from the album GEMS, on the White Pine label.

The Children's Bookshelf only accepts for possible review titles that are sent from the children's book divisions of national publishers. 

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SWEET DREAMERS written and illustrated by Isabelle Simler is an enchanting picture book tour of the sleep habits of twenty-seven animals bedding down in either the sky, or trees, or on the ground, below the ground or in the ocean deep. From a whale, bat, hedgehog, swallow and frog to an elephant, koala bear, dolphin, seahorse and squirrel the 80 pages are captivating.

DREAMING in CODE: Ada Byron Lovelace, Computer Pioneer written by Emily Arnold McCully is a well-researched biography for serious middle grade readers interested in the life of a girl who showed superior talent in the area of mathematics.

The Things That I LOVE about TREES written by Chris Butterworth and illustrated by Charlotte Voake is a beautiful picture book about the endearing and powerful aspects of trees as told through the eyes of a little girl. The narration is accompanied by useful informational materials, housed in italics, about such things as pollen, birds, roots, bark and plum trees.

PLANTING STORIES: The Life of Librarian and Storyteller Pura Belpré written by Anika Aldamuy Denise and illustrated by Paola Escobar is a bright energetic telling of the contributions made by this superb teller of folktales. She first visited New York in 1921 to attend her sister’s wedding. However, she decided to stay and took a job in a garment factory before being hired as a bilingual assistant at the 135th Street branch of the New York Public Library in Harlem. She spoke three languages.

The Little Rabbit written and illustrated by Nicola Killen is a gentle story about the adventures of a little girl named Ollie dressed in a rabbit costume, her imagination and her stuffed bunny.