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Monday through Thursday from 1pm to 4pm, Judy Wagley, brings a wide range of music to WCMU listeners. You'll hear classic recordings and new releases, “fun facts” about the music, and interviews with special guests who add their voices to the mix.

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Conductor, teacher and musician Joe Radtke said that he is drawn to music that he has a personal connection with—and the relationships he has formed while creating it

Join Judy Wagley for her interview with Robert Nording. 

Nina Yoshida Nelson

Canadian Brass will perform March 15th at 4PM at the Great Lakes Center for the Arts.

During the 1940’s, the renowned piano company Steinway and Sons contributed to the war effort bylaunching the “Victory Vertical Project.” Steinway’s specially designed “G.I. pianos” provided morale-boosting entertainment for the troops fighting overseas in World War 2. Dr. Gary Pedersen, professor of piano at Eastern Michigan University, presented the story and music recently at theCentral Michigan University School of Music. 

Dr. Kennen White, professor of clarinet, and Dr. Joanna Cowan-White, professor of flute at the Central Michigan University School of Music, regularly perform together as the “Crescent Duo.” Recently they celebrated the release of their latest CD “Flute/Clarinet Chronicles.”