Traverse City event kicks off Great American Read in Northern Michigan

May 14, 2018

An event promoting the upcoming Great American Read television series will be held at 7:00 pm Tuesday at the Traverse City Opera house. in Traverse City.

The Great American Read is television series and a national search for America’s Favorite Book.

Author Jerry Dennis, a Traverse City Native, will speak at the event about how his passion for books developed as a kid.

“Every time it rained I secretly rejoiced because I could go to my bedroom, shut the door, turn on the lamp, lay back on my pillows and read a novel.”

Dennis said stories are essential to the human experience.

“Anybody who watches kids light up when you tell a story realizes we’re kinda hardwired for it.”

Dennis will talk about how his passion for reading eventually lead him to become a writer.

The event will include a preview of the series which airs on WCMU Public Television starting on May 22.