Traverse City approves medical marijuana facilities within its borders

Dec 6, 2018

The Traverse City commision voted Monday to allow medical marijuana businesses within the city boundaries. But the welcome for recreational marijuana businesses may not be so warm.

Commissioners voted 5-2 to allow medical marijuana businesses within Traverse City boundaries.

Commissioners also voted to keep the dispensaries out of the downtown area and limit the number of dispensaries to 13 city-wide.

Brian McGillivary is a city commissioner who voted in favor of the medical dispensaries. He said the commision should follow the will of the voters.

“Voters in the city of Traverse City have voted overwhelmingly in favor of medical marijuana and they’ve voted overwhelmingly in favor of legalizing recreational marijuana.”

The city commision is expected to vote on an ordinance to ban recreational marijuana facilities at its next meeting.

McGillivary said there is some question about whether the opt-out is necessary. Recreational facilities won’t be allowed to open in Michigan until late 2019 at the earliest.

He said he hopes recreational marijuana will be approved.

“I believe that it’s important that in Northern Michigan we provide safe regulated businesses that can provide a source for legalized marijuana.”

Applications will be due to the city by May 3rd and will require that facilities are pre-certified with the state.