Some Michigan residents will see their driver’s license expire with no way to renew

Mar 25, 2020

Some Michigan residents could see driver's licences expire during the Governor’s stay at home order - with no way to renew them.

Some drivers are required to renew their license in person, but with Secretary of State’s offices closed during the crisis some residents are in a bind.

Jake Rollow is with the Michigan Department of State. He said it’s not clear how many residents will be impacted.

“We are pulling the data and we will be sharing that data with the governor and her administration to see if she’d like to put out an executive order that would essentially waive or extend these expirations.”

Rollow said typically, residents who previously renewed their license online or who last visited a Secretary of State office for an enhanced license are required to renew in person.

He said his office cannot give drivers guidance about whether they should be on the road with an expired license.

“We have notified state police and asked them to notify local law enforcement and asked them to use discretion when they interact with someone who has an expired credential.”

The Governor’s office did not immediately respond to our request for comment.