Planned Parenthood Advocates “thrilled” to see State Attorney General join federal lawsuit

Jan 9, 2019

Officials with Planned Parenthood of Michigan say Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel is standing with women by challenging rules that would allow employers to deny birth control coverage.

The Attorney General joined a lawsuit against the federal government to ensure access to contraceptive services for women.

Rules allowing private employers to deny birth control coverage were issued last year by President Trump and set to go into effect this month.

Amanda West is with Planned Parenthood Advocates of Michigan.

“We are thrilled to finally have an Attorney General who is standing with women and families and recognizes that a patient's health always comes first.”

In a written statement Nessel said the move would help ensure a regulatory framework that advances educational opportunity, workplace equality, and financial empowerment for women.

Nessel said she is pushing back against the federal government to ensure residents get the protection they need.