Organization reminds today is Indigenous Peoples’ Day

Oct 8, 2018

While many have grown accustomed to today being Columbus Day, there are many people who consider today Indigenous Peoples’ Day.

The acknowledgement of the day is meant to remind us of the history and hardships Native Americans underwent during colonization.

Agustin Victor Arbulu is the executive director of the Michigan Department of Civil Rights. He said the organization felt it was important to make note of today.

“Wanted to indicate support for the Native American community and that they are not a forgotten community and that the commission stands with the Native American communities, not only in Michigan but throughout the country.”

Arbulu said millions of natives were displaced by European colonists. He said up to 90 percent of the population died, mostly from exposure to European diseases.

Arbulu said Indigenous Peoples’ Day serves as a commemoration and pays respect to the suffering of indigenous communities, and recognizes that these communities have been here since the beginning.