Northern Michigan holds mental health training for adults

Oct 13, 2017

Mental health officials in northern Michigan will hold a training next week to help adults recognize mental health problems in young adults.

Tiffany Moore-Corteville is with the Health Department of Northwest Michigan, which helped organize the training. She said the youth mental health first aid training will help train adults to spot mental health needs in kids 10-18.

“The training is to help teach adults to recognize mental health problems in young people and be able to recognize when there is a need and intervene in the moment to support that young person and then get that young person connected with appropriate professional help.”

Moore-Corteville said it is important for adults to be able to recognize at risk youth.

“What we know from the research is a lot of symptoms of mental health problems that people develop as adults. Those symptoms begin as adolescents and the soon we are able to intervene when symptoms begin the better the long term outcomes.”

Moore-Corteville said the part of the training will focus on recognizing suicide warning signs.

“We spend some time talking about suicide assessments and interventions specifically because that is one of the biggest crisis we want to make sure people know how to best manage.”

The training will be held on October 17th at the Intermediate School District in Charlevoix.

Those interested in attending can find more information at