MSU says no internal investigation report to share with Schuette

Dec 8, 2017

A lawyer for Michigan State University tells Attorney General Bill Schuette that no MSU officials knew about the predatory behavior of the gymnastics team doctor.

The letter says MSU officials first learned of allegations regarding Doctor Larry Nassar last year from newspaper reports. And it says any criminal behavior would have been referred to the proper law enforcement agency.

But MSU will not provide a copy of its internal review with Schuette because, the letter says, there is no report to share.   

Andrea Bitely is Schuette’s press secretary. She says this may not be the final word.

“There are many options on the table. We’re reviewing the letter to determine our next steps.”

“At this time, we are reviewing the letter we received from Mister Fitzgerald to evaluate our next step.”

The letter also says MSU will cooperate with an inquiry by Schuette’s office. But the university says it must also protect its position in multiple lawsuits filed by families of Nassar’s victims.